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Tray Table accessory for rolling walkers to help increase mobility for those dependent on balance support.  The tray makes it easier to transport items, especially those centered around cooking and eating, as it provides a large, sturdy surface to set items on.  The tray table is easily attachable to the walker seats with our unique product design and is available in two options to accommodate most walker models.  Tray tables are available in white only.

Tray Table for Rolling Walker

SKU: 364215375135191
Color: White
Expect to ship by 1/30/2024
  • The rolling walker tray table includes a cup holder insert and drip edge along the perimeter to retain any spills.  The tray is light weight, dishwasher safe and includes handles for easy lifting.  The tray table is available with two attachment options, either the pocket-seat or the j-channel attachment design.  

    The Pocket-Seat attachable tray table measures 15" deep x 17-1/2" wide x 1-1/8" thick, and fits walker seats that are 12"deep x 12" wide x 1" thick.  As the tray table is thicker, the pocket cutout allows the tray table to encapsulate the walker seat and fully rest of the frame of the walker for superior support.   

    The J-Channel attachable tray table measures 15" deep x 17-1/2" wide x 3/4" thick, and fits walker seats that are 12"deep x 12" wide x 1" thick.  The J-Channel tray table is supported by the walker seat with the benefit of being light-weight compared to the pocket-seat model.


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